Wednesday, September 8, 2010

She's Diggin' My Chilis

So last Saturday I participated in the Shoot Experience event Shoot(ing) Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery with my trusty partner in crime Louise Hough. We were given seven phrases/ideas and had 4 hours to take one photograph for each phrase/idea. The photos were judged upon submission and a winner was selected for each phrase/idea. Additionally, the judges selected their favorite/best overall photograph.

Newsflash: We won! Totally caught me by surprise. The last thing I expected going in was that one of our submissions would even be considered for winning anything. Needless to say, I was in complete shock when our photo was announced as the favorite/best overall of the day. Common courtesy dictates that I acknowledge that the judging was completely whimsical and arbitrary. Never the less, we won! The best part about it all is that our photograph will be exhibited for one night at the National Portrait Gallery. Yes, you read that right. THE National Portrait Gallery. I will have something that I helped create on exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. Crazy.

So after that preamble you are probably a little curious as to what the photograph looks like. The category it was submitted for was called doppelganger. We were given the following portrait by Sarah Lucas and instructed to recreate/interpret our own version.

Here is our winning interpretation:

Pretty funny right? The guy running the event especially liked the look of sexual tension on my face. If he only knew. I got this low-res image from the Shoot Experience website because I haven't had time to actually take the photo off my camera. Once I do, a better version will be available for your viewing pleasure on my flickr page. Until then, I hope this version can give you some good laughs.

PS The. National. Portrait. Gallery.


English said...

Wow. On many fronts.

Reza said...

that's cool! you will always say you have had art displayed a the NATIONAL GALLERY.

boxpilot said...

ha, and not just art, but yourself AS art!


Bryony Dick said...

Absolutely brilliant. And way to go on getting it in the NPG! Are those avocados?

Leland said...

I know, I'm late but this is hilarious..."if he only knew", lol

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