Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I know I am a little late on this but honestly I don't really care.

I. Can't. Wait.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost Hurts

Lost kind of depressed me last night. It was emotionally draining to watch Sayid battle with his inner demons and his history and ultimately lose. That is the tragic recurring theme of Lost though. And that is why I keep watching. I keep hoping that the characters will learn from their past and overcome their fears/issues but the island keeps dragging them back. Will they find redemption? I hope so. After writing this I think I should develop this into a more cohesive post with a little more depth that cites the various "flaws" of the different characters and how they struggle to overcome them. Or maybe not. I am sure there is a comprehensive article of some sort that already addresses this in depth at Lostpedia or somewhere. Regardless, Lost is still tragic and while I appreciate the mythology of the island, I watch for the characters because they resonate so well with me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It seems that lately, Twitter is all the rage. Everywhere I go I keep hearing people talk about it. It seems like there is at least one segment every day on KCRW/NPR that discusses Twitter in some form whether it be Rob Long of Martini Shot or a Kogi BBQ report or reference. This morning Ralph Garmin reported on The Kevin & Bean Show that Jennifer Anniston supposedly broke up with John Mayer because he spent too much time on Twitter. Really Jennifer? You broke up with him because he spends too much time on Twitter? Seriously? So yeah, Twitter is everywhere. Even NBA players are tweeting at half time during games. 

Twitter has become so popular lately that I have had my access temporarily interrupted a few times the last couple of weeks because the Twitter servers could not keep up with the activity. But you know what. I'm not even mad. It is like Twitter ate the whole wheel of cheese. I like it that much. Plus it doesn't hurt that the busy signal I get is this:

I love the birds and I love the whale. I love Twitter for having such an aesthetically pleasing busy signal. So yeah, I love Twitter. I love that it makes traditional media outlet people uncomfortable because it devalues their "access" by allowing "personalities of interest" to interact with me on a more personal level.

I don't really know how to close this post out with a strong closing statement or whatnot. Maybe my brain power has been depleted by Twitter? So I will just end now. Oh yeah, I was going to add a bunch of links to the post as well but I am feeling too lazy right now. Trust me when I say that NBA players are tweeting at half time. So yeah, now I am really done. Happy tweeting.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Blame It On The Octomom

I know that the Octomom fervor is kind of so last week. However, on the way to work this morning I heard the Blame It On The Octomom clip mixed into Blame It by Jamie Foxx. I thought it was great. Made me chuckle and if I was a DJ I would totally do this for at least the next couple of weeks. I may even pull it back out in a couple of months to see if it still worked for nostalgia's sake.

PS The Blame It video is pretty dope. But then again, I have always been partial to Hype Williams.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My good friend who is fast approaching the creepy grandpa stage in his life sent me a link yesterday. When I saw the title of the blog was Why Mormon Girls Stay Single I instantly became giddy with anticipation for some great humor. Turns out the humor is only decent but the author(s) do touch on some pretty good issues and have some solid advice for LDS women who are single. I have a feeling that the authors of the blogs are angling for a book deal that will be extremely easy to put together by editing and compiling a selection of their posts. If they do not have this goal in mind than they are pretty retarded.

So like I said, the humor in the blog itself wasn't anything monumental. The humor is more of a tool used to help author(s) convey their message. The comments on the other hand are quite a different story. For some reason I never grow weary of reading comments by angry people on a mission to right every perceived wrong in the electronic universe via their "hey look at me I take myself way too seriously and have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever" comments. Kind of like rain on your wedding day, yeah? Oh wait, that isn't really ironic. How about a free ride when you are already late?

PS If one of the aforementioned computerweb activists decide to make some funny comments on this post, my preemptive response is:

Check out my fun cooker.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Star Trek and My Homie JJ

The new HD trailer for Star Trek released today. All I can really say is that JJ Abrams is my hero. I am to the point where I am asking myself, hypothetically, where do I draw the line on things I would and would not do to have a job at Bad Robot. Not eat burgers for five years? Dispute $5 service charges and fees for the rest of my life? Own a cat? Not do the dirty dirty for 5 years? Oh wait.... But seriosly, JJ Abrams. I wonder if I know anybody with connections?

Oh yeah, and the trailer. Pretty intense. I may or may not have gotten chills watching it and I am far from being a Star Trek Fanboy. Or maybe it was just kind of drafty and cold in the office. Regardless, check out the new trailer. It is great.