Wednesday, October 31, 2007

14 Hours of Hell

Here is what I looked like after 14 of the worst hours of my life. Note the parched lips and faded look in my eyes. Barstow, homosexual mechanics, towing a trailer for the first time in your life, and missed football games will do that to you.

Monday, October 29, 2007

News Flash

A little piece of advice for all the excellent defensive coordinators in the NFL:

If the Patriots line up on the goal line and bring Mike Vrabel in as a tight end or full back, you might want to cover him. It's not like this is something new or unexpected. They have been running this play in some manner for how many years now?

And one more thing, they are probably going to run play action and throw to the tight end or full back when on the goal line. Even if Mike Vrabel is not in the game.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Facebook? More like Facecrook. $15 BILLION? Really? I can't see somebody really offering to buy Facebook for $15 BILLION. So, is Facebook really worth $15 BILLION? That is BILLION with a B.

This whole transaction fascinates me. It has been the topic du jour with my co-workers over the last couple of days. It is funny how history repeats. Hopefully some lessons were learned from the dot com boom and subsequent bust of the late nineties.

I want to clarify that I am not against this transaction for Microsoft and I am definitely not anti-Facebook. The publicity of "Beating Google" alone makes it worthwhile. My trepidation surrounds the valuation. Without seeing the actual models used, I can't jump to many conclusions. I just find it hard to buy into a value of $15 Billion for a company with an unproven as of now method of converting captive audiences into dollars. I can't wait to see how this story plays out. I am really hooked.

PS I am really interested in what Zuckerman's exit strategy is. From what I gather, this deal with Microsoft makes going public much more difficult. How are all the VC guys going to get their ROI? Seriously, I am fascinated by this.

Liz Lemon is my Anti-Drug

Liz Lemon is my heroine. And by heroine, I mean hero. I don't want to inject her and listen to jazz.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pushing Daisies

Great news! I just read in yesterday's issue of Variety that ABC picked up my favorite new show of the season - Pushing Daisies - for a full season. This was done in spite of cost overrun concerns due to the excellent fantasy world sets and costumes. I guess critical acclaim and solid ratings still carry some weight in the Hollyhood.

Full episodes are available for viewing here.

PS I loved last night's episode. The scene where The Pie Maker pulls off the escaped con's fake arm killed me. I have been pushing this show similar to when I was pushing the movie Once a few months ago or when I was slingin' rock back in the day ever since the pilot and for good reason. Each episode seems to get better and better. Really, if you haven't started watching it yet, make the effort. It is really worth it. Especially now because you don't need to worry about investing time and emotions in something that might go away next week.

PSS Scrubs is back tonight. Don't forget to set your DVR. (This public service announcement was sponsored by the international legend Mr. Lybbert)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Naturally Seven on the Subway

I was having a difficult time falling asleep last Friday night and ended up reading through a few of my earlier blog posts and notice that the quality of my posts and more specifically the quality of my writing has really gone to hell. All I can say is "whaa hoppen?" in the style of A Mighty Wind. The whole purpose of starting this blog was to re-discover my long-lost writing voice. Instead, I have devolved to hyperbole and terrible adjectives. It seems like everything is amazing or fantastic.

Well I have a news flash for you Walter Cronkite, this post isn't going to get much better. The creative juices have been drained from me by the evil succubus known as my job. I still haven't recovered enough to put together a decent post so I am going to just post a video that I saw on a blog that I frequent. PS the blog I "borrowed" this from is fantastic. They use much more descriptive words than "fantastic."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Justice is Served

So last night I was sitting in the hotel bored out of my mind, flipping through the very limited selection of channels on the small TV with HORRIBLE resolution and stumbled upon the Jimmy Kimmel show just in time to catch the live performance by Justice of D.A.N.C.E.

You may be asking yourself "How can a live performance by a French electro duo be compelling enough for TV?" Well I think Jimmy Kimmel summed it up best by saying "This is going to be weird."

Prince, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Rick James bitch, Michael Jackson. All on one stage. Genius.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I Heart my DVR

Thanks to the return of many of my favorite TV shows over the last couple of weeks, as well as the pilots for this years slate of new shows, my DVR has been filling up faster then I can delete shows after viewing. I am pretty much in heaven. I love waking up on a Saturday morning knowing that I can kill the next couple of hours catching up on all the shows I missed during the week.

The slate of new shows for the 2007/2008 season have been pretty strong so far. Here is a quick rundown of what I have liked and disliked so far:

The Big Bang Theory - I am not completely hooked yet but the second episode was better than the pilot. I enjoy the premise and the lead actor is very likable. It might help that he wears the same glasses as I do. I also love the supporting group of friends. They are such extreme caricatures that it cracks me up.

Chuck - I love how ridiculously absurd the premise of the show is. I also love how the show seems to realize this and just has fun with it. It doesn't feel like they are taking themselves too seriously. The actor they chose for Chuck is perfect. Very endearing and easy to root for. I also love his sidekick buddy who just happens to be named Morgan. His comedic timing is perfect. It also doesn't hurt that Chuck's sister and also is love interest (they are two separate people perverts) are hot. All in all this show is very fun. Very enjoyable.

Cane - Just plain lame. I don't want to even wast time talking about it. I didn't even make it through the pilot.

Life - This show has a lot of potential. I was lukewarm after the pilot but the second episode was fantastic. The episodes are solid enough to stand alone yet there is a underlying story arc to reward the faithful viewers and keep you coming back for more. The cinematography and lighting are also top notch. I am really starting to like this one.

Moonlight - Vampires just don't really do it for me. Plus the female lead really bugs me. Also, the effects are cheesy and the attempt to create a film noir feel fall short. I have the second episode recorded but haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I may never get around to watching it.

Journeyman - I missed the pilot because it got deleted by new content before I could get to it. I did see the second episode however which was fantastic. The acting was very solid. The story seemed very tight and the episode I watched had a very heart warming story of redemption and forgiveness. I also enjoy the underlying element of mystery that will reward the viewers for staying with the show. I was surprisingly impressed by this show.

Reaper - I enjoyed the pilot but not so much that I was anxiously awaiting the next episode. I still haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I can already feel this one slipping off my list. Not because I dislike it but just because I don't like it enough to make time for it.

Pushing Daisies - I watched the pilot this weekend and LOVED it. It is definitely my favorite new show of the season. I love the premise and the execution of said premise. I love the quasi-fantasy world that as been created and I love the characters. The colors of the show are simply amazing and really add to the overall feel of the show. It has a real Tim Burton feel to it that really appeals to me. My favorite part of the show though was the emotions around the lead resurrecting his "true-love" and now being forced to distance himself from her because if he touches her again she returns to being dead. The execution of this plot point was perfect and will hopefully continue to add to the drama.

If there is one new show that you are going to add to your list, then Pushing Daisies is it. I can't emphasize how much I loved it. Seriously, add it to your DVR. You won't regret it